I am a native of Greensboro, North Carolina, and my first great memories are about
doing art.  I began studying under my Great-Grandfather, Joseph V. Ruzicka during
his stays with us from Baltimore in the winters.  He taught me how to draw, use
perspective and shading when I was just in first grade.   I watched as he fore-edged
books with watercolor and gold leaf, on a card table set up for him in our Den.  He
and I talked of Auras and Spiritual things.

My grandmother, Lucille Ruzicka, had a special drawer in her secretary for each
grandchild.   Mine had oil paint, brushes, mediums and canvas.   She taught me not
to be afraid of the blank canvas.  "If God could create the Universe, you can manage
a simple canvas.   As it is Above it is Below.   Use your mind.  See with your eyes.   
Study what you see. "   Her phrases are with me all the time.

Between the two of them, I had a pretty good art start.

My formal training started in High School under a local painter, Jean Montana.   We
did a painting a week during the school year for three years .   This coupled with
riding my little quarter horse English kept me pretty busy.  In the summers I ran
presses and developed negatives for my father's printing company.

I went to East Carolina University and achieved Dean’s list majoring in painting, fine
arts and minoring in ceramics.  After an audited semester at UNCG to be with my
sculptor friend Peggy Burke, I transferred to the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota,
Florida in 1974 and received the school's RSA Full Scholarship Award.  My work is in
their permanent collection.     

My focus has been the figure, portraits, custom murals and trompe l'oeil finishes in
churches, businesses and private homes.  I also designed and painted custom tile
murals and furniture.    I discovered photography at GTCC while taking flying lessons
~ I was the only 'non-parachuter' in the class.   I now work with digital imagery to
create portraits with photography as well.

Several years ago, I introduced my vision of energy fields into paintings.  My  ‘Aura’
vision keeps me close to a Spirituality in all things.    I enjoy studying religions,
history, philosophy and ancient Oracles.  And oh yes, I believe the Truth is Out There.

My current painting and photographic series is called The Venus Mirror.  I also love to
do fencing paintings for my husband's sport of fencing.  

I married Ron, my  'Escrimer Dude' July of 2009 in our backyard at BuffaloHenge in
Greensboro.   Since we have moved to Alamance County so the commute is equal for
both of us.

Our amazing children and grandchildren have made Life a lot of fun!   

My exciting dream world is finding its way from the novel to a screenplay.  

My family and friends are on the phenomenal side of Life.   Blessings!

Susun  Coleman  Miller
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