I have seen Auras since early childhood and starting including what I see into my art in
1980.   My ultimate goal with ‘seeing’ is to show how this energy moves.  I hope to someday
show it by means of animation so that I may share it with others.  It is my hope that when
people see and hopefully recognize this  Energy ‘Truth’ about themselves and others, a
change will occur that will affect us to honor each other and ourselves…a little more.
Aura is a word for me that describes the Energy I see around
all living things, as well as objects.   It has been a wonderful
way to learn about myself and those around me.  
I ask my clients to refocus their
eyes …to relax and pay attention
to the space around a plant or
animal so they too can learn to
glimpse this phenomenon.  If
someone chooses to ‘practice’
every day, they can learn to see
for themselves.  

There are many ways to make it
easier to see Energies; certain
backgrounds and sometimes even
a reflection of a hand over a white
surface can reveal different ‘colors’
on different people.   Aura sight is
not a secret magic trick; there are
no bells and whistles or smoke
screens…  It’s ‘choosing’ to focus
on one of our available Gifts.  
Imagine what you could see…when
two strangers pass on the street, what exchanges
between them?   Do thoughts, ideas and dreams
produce visible Energies?  When you see someone
lose their temper are there other aspects of it that
affect us besides what we hear and feel?   What
does Love look like?   What do the colors mean?    
Only by my experiences and personal definitions, do
I even attempt to describe what I ‘think’ is going on.   
Who really knows for sure.   But I can tell you, our
colors ‘change’ and dim or brighten, when we lie (hide something), laugh or cry.    I believe we all could see these
things as infants.  Because our survival doesn’t depend on ‘seeing’…maybe we just forget how.   There are personal
reasons why I think I retained the ability.
These paintings are merely ‘frozen’ glimpses of the movement and variations I see in the symphony of motion around
us.    It is a joy and privilege to have a client ask me to paint what I See around them.    I have NEVER seen ‘dark’
Energy around anyone.   If indeed we came in as Divine Beings, our ‘Light’ would always reflect the good within us.
As it is Above, it is Below.
Why do some people exhibit yellow and white and others intense
blue colors right around their head?   Why do colors vibrate
sometimes?   Why do many of us have 'green wing-like' areas
around our shoulders or green light around our heads?   Do
'Guides' and Angels show up around us?   Why are there
sometime geometric and other 'shapes' in an Energy 'field'?

During a sitting, we talk about these things, and the 'why' behind
the ideas.   It's our story, we can imagine it any way we desire.

I have painted over 1000 Aura Portraits  ~   YAY!!
Please contact me if you would like to know more.
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"Angel Script" and Orbs
and AURA PORTRAIT 1000!!
Ann with Peggy Burke's Pyramid Power.  There are
many Tools around us that interact in amazing ways.   
I have never seen a BAD Aura on
ANYONE.   There is no judgement.  
You are a living breathing creature.  
Auras show that......
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