I decided to make a new logo for my website in 2000, that would reflect my work in
the new Millennium and something that would reflect my Spiritual quest of the
Golden Mean.  

One evening, I set aside a block of time to design this new ‘logo’.   Only now it was
becoming clear it would represent a combined body of work: painting and bass
sounds; it now was about an awakening.

I grocery shopped, prepared food, positioned the white board, set out paper and
pencils and planned to stay in and ‘hunker down’ for an evening of work to come up
with this new design.

The funny part was, when I sat down, the drawing emerged immediately, as if
someone had grabbed my hand and drew, almost perfectly, the above image you
see in purple.    And it was better than I could have ever planned!   It was an 'Ah-
ha!' moment for sure.

When ‘things’ are that EASY, I know it is in wonderful funky divine order.  I knew
immediately this simple drawing was the combination of the Golden Spiral, a new
musical bass ‘clef’ as well as a symbol for Love. I call it The Continuum!

I imagined the ‘sound’ of my new ‘clef’ would vibrate low and sure, and would
resonate something magical.   Its ‘feel’ was infinite.    It felt good.   
The Continuum
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