Feng Shui,
  and BuffaloHenge!
Feng (wind) Shui (water)…an attitude      

"We shape our dwellings, and afterwards, our dwellings shape us"

Feng Shui is pronounced 'fung shuway'.   It is the ancient Chinese Spiritual practice
of placement and design stemming from the roots of The I Ching.    
We are a product of intellect, creative Spiritual Energy, and nature.  Different kinds
of Energies, natural and man-made, affect us more than we realize.  

The early Chinese knew their very life depended on paying attention to energy flow
for safety.    The simple gravitational pulls we experience from within our planet,
within (and outside) our Solar System, play a part in

Not many of us consult star charts at night and have conversations about what
planets and stars are where.   We open the newspaper, or get our daily horoscopes
online, and giggle as if it were a fortune cookie.    Geomancy has been studied and
implemented in several cultures throughout time.    Consider Stonehenge,  then
consider how we use markings on the ground as a method for divination.
The stages of our back yard in
Greensboro NC before the move to
Haw River. We called it
(near Buffalo Creek)
I am a result of curiosity and appreciation of different ancient cultures.    I am seeing my way to interpret the
topography of land so I can design my ‘ground’, although modest, more aesthetically, and more
harmoniously.    With the use of Feng Shui practices, and geomancy, I feel my space is becoming exceptional
in a more galactic way..    
"Geomancy explores the realm where human
consciousness meets and dialogues with the
Spirit of the Earth. It empowers the harmonious
interaction between person and place.

Through the art of appropriate placement of
both secular and spiritual structures, places
where we pray, work and play, geomancers
locate and shape spaces in harmony with both
the physical and the spiritual environment of the
Please visit http://www.geomancy.org/  
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