The focus of the perspective scheme is placed to the right of center in such a way
that the ratio of the distances between the two edges and the vanishing point is
very close to the "Golden Mean".   This basic ‘Divine’ principle is found
everywhere we look in nature; the grand design of galaxies, sea shells and DNA,
to name a few!

If you notice where the "curve" is, you have the beginning of an infinite "Golden

I feel the Golden Mean represents the 'Spark of God' in all things.   It is so simply
complex mathematically, that to me, it must hold the 'keys' to what we can
accomplish in this life.

The best way for you to study this concept and all that it infers, is to
"Golden Mean".   
The Golden Mean
by Susun Coleman Miller
I have studied the Golden Mean, or, Golden
, as a compositional tool in my painting,
since college.   Leonardo Da Vinci realized the
design.   He named it his "Trattato della Pittura",  
which refers to a "perspective frame".
Frances Preening The Golden
Painted by Susun Coleman
2000   Acrylic on canvas 20" x 20"
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