My husband Ron Miller is more than the sum of his many
academic and professional credentials which include a PhD, the
Maitre d' Armes award and a career spanning 40 years as head
fencing coach at UNC Chapel Hill.   His teams' 40 year record,
1112 - 503, proves that many acquired the skills from him that
helped them learn about winning.   Members of past and present
Carolina fencing teams say they have learned through Coach
Miller about what it takes to be a winner in life, not just about
thrusts and ripostes.
Susun Coleman Miller
Please visit the sites below to see why these people and
what they do represent wonder and evolution in their own
realms. These are people in my Life who are authentic and
creative and understand how to make Magic and Love stay!
I have seen Kris Ferris work day jobs
steadily since I have known him, to   
support his daughter.   Besides seeing
him as a terrific father, I see him
pursuing his music.   Not only is Kris a
gifted singer, musician AND songwriter,
he is constantly performing solo and with
his band, Windfall.  It has been amazing
watching him realize a goal; his own
music on his own CD!   Go BUY it.   You
won't be disappointed!   
Hello, my name is Caroline Nixon.  I am a stay at home mom of two great
kids in Wilmington, North Carolina.  My background is holistic health.  I
have trained in Massage Therapy, Hypnosis, Aromatherapy, Foot
Reflexology.  I am a Reiki Master, and I have recently trained to be a
Holistic Health Practitioner.

I am excited to share with the world my latest project; my newly published
book, A Mom's Guide to Sanity.  We moms all know how hard it is to
juggle everything.  This book is a simple guide to help bring balance
back into our crazy lives.
It is full of easy steps anyone can make with big rewards, sanity.  As a
parent it can be difficult to find even a moment for yourself, but I promise
that there are really simple actions you can take towards a more healthy,
balanced life.  So pick up a copy of my book today!   
Caroline Nixon  2008
He is the father of three charming, bright and talented children who aspire to creativity and leadership, as well.   Being in
‘close’ proximity of Dr. Miller is an inspiration for me.   In putting up his website, I was afforded an opportunity to pull some
great information together about him and to finally do something, for him.   

Dr. Miller has done so much for others and champions support for members of his team, as well as for his family and friends.   
He has been a rock for me through Life's difficult times.   He offers calmness and kindness and gives loving support in so
many ways.  He has also shared his amazing skill at designing and building.   I have watched several projects in different
living spaces take incredible aesthetic form with his hands.   His talents as an artist and craftsman are incredible.  
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The North Carolina Fencing Development
Program (NCFDP) began in 1984 as one of 3
nation-wide programs of the United States
Fencing Association (USFA) to develop elite
junior fencers. In North Carolina, the program
was directed by UNC Head Coach, Ron Miller,
and Duke University Head Coach, Alex
Beguinet. Currently, NCFDP serves a broader
fencing development role for beginning
through advanced fencers, and reaches
fencers primarily in the Triangle area of North
Carolina.  Its purpose is to provide people of
all ages with the opportunity to study and
practice fencing.
What can you say about the importance of your
first love?   Scott represents an incredible time in
my life through high school and college; a time
when we were struggling to find out who we were
and where we fit into those changing times.    It is
one of my fondest joys that we have now found in
each other, a trusting and loving friendship.

I wish for you to visit his site, and listen to the
talent that Scott possesses and how he has
fine-tuned it into a style that is so uniquely Scott
Adair.   He has quite a resume; a graduate of the
Berkley school of Music, to the dues he has paid
making music his life force while exuding that
charm and charisma that ripen richly with time.

Through the years, we have accomplished a great
friendship and r-e-s-p-e-c-t, and it is talent that I
think you will appreciate.    What a ride, this life!
The website
Burke and I met in 1970 at ECU in
Greenville, NC.   She was working on
her second Master's degree in
sculpture, while I was a freshman
studying painting and ceramics.  We
formed an instant bond, and have been
close since.    

Peggy's work and her gentle mentoring
to me have been a huge catalyst in my
artistic and spiritual development.   She
has been a force in art, historically and
spiritually, and is recognized by the
Smithsonian as an important American

Click on her photo for the journey to
her site and work.  

May you kick some art ass on the other
side!   I Love You.
Subconscious Musings  1992
SAS Institute, Inc. Cary, North Carolina