The Tarot   by Susun Coleman Miller       
It is important to note, that I have written this essay in two modes.   The first, is a
simple and hopefully informative definition.   The second essay I
defend The Tarot
because of the bad rap it has gotten over time.  It is my hope that these beliefs will
be seen for what they are; products of fear and repression from an uneducated era.
My faith in God Universal is strong, and I think Christ was an amazing teacher.   So
many now are questioning the stories handed down, and so many need and quest
the Truth, as I feel God intends for us to live in a healing and honest environment.     
If we look deeply into our hearts, I think the Truth is there.   Only fear makes us
condemn anything; especially things we don't understand or have not yet explored.   
It is so much easier to be told what to believe?    Does our soul not wish to know
unveiled Truths?  Can we learn to recognize the Buddha moments in our lives?
Tarot  101

The word ‘tarot’ derives, we speculate, from ancient
Egyptian, meaning ‘royal road’.  The oracle of the tarot is
about a path to self-mastery: a journey into the questions
and choices we make for our Soul.

An anagram of tarot is ‘rota’, which means the wheel.  
The cards start from 0 to Face Cards in four suits, and
through 22 Major Arcana (the word arcanum means
mystery) cards.  The first personality in the deck, the
Fool (represented by the number 0 )  is about his journey
as he travels through his world, represented by the deck
of 78 cards and all the possibilities of configuration
between them.   

There are 40 Minor Arcana cards divided into 4 suits and
numbered 1-10, and 16 Royalty cards, in a traditional
deck.  Some decks also have a wild or ‘mystery’ card.
The Major Arcana represents Universal principles of
the physical and sometimes, metaphysical principals
of situations.  Depending on a particular configuration
of the spread, and there are many, a vision or intuitive
‘movie’ will unfold, hence the Oracle ‘effect’.   The
archetypal personalities and their symbolism
originated in the Egyptian hieroglyphic book of
wisdom, the BOOK OF THOTH.   Thoth was thought to
channel the laws of the Creator through thought
(thoth) and words.  

The Minor Arcana is divided into four suits.  It is
believed these suits were added much later, probably
in the Middle Ages.  The earliest deck I have seen was
designed in France however my studies show the
cards were widespread in Italy and Germany as well in
the 14th century.  The Minor suits represent human

The two Arcanas place us in a world of religion, the
arcane, science, and all the laws and principles, which
govern our lives.  They also deal with questions of the
human Spirit. The Tarot and/or other Oracles will
come to the Student when the Student is ready for a
Gift from the Astral Plane.  
Ancient Egyptian Tarot
by Clive Barrett
Clive Barrett uses sacred geometry
and this is established in the very
size of the cards.   The overall size
of the cards is proportionate to 2:3;
the longer side is 1.5 times the
length of the shorter side.

The outside of the border
corresponds to the Golden
Proportion; the longer side is
approximately 1.168 times that of
the shorter.   

The inside of the border of the
Major Arcana cards is in the
proportion of 1 to 1.414; this
number represents the square root
of two, and the diagonal is equal to
the square root of three."  

The Ancient Egyptian Tarot
, Clive
Barrett, 1994, Element, p 140
The Suits:  represent the 4 Elementals of Wind, Water, Fire and Earth

Swords, Wind or Spades:  Intellect, mental states, discord, struggles, and revelations that ‘blow the mind’
and allow for transcendence because of clarity of issues.

Cups, Water or Hearts:  Emotions, affairs of the heart, feelings and intuition from feelings, Love
relationships with partners and children.

Rods, Wands, Fire or Clubs: Spiritual matters, the Metaphysical, Creativity and Energy and intuition from
physic powers and ‘channeled’ sources.

Pentacles, Coins, Disks, the Five-pointed Star, Earth or Diamonds: The Physical World; money and
business, health issues, the body, work and rest.  The body is the star: two legs, two arms and a head, the
physical form.  When the star is encircled, the human form is said to be passing through eternity: always
changing, moving and rolling through Time.
Susun's Pick  ~  The Ancient Egyptian Tarot  by Clive Barrett:  (Click Title to order from his site)
"It is traditionally accepted that the Tarot originated in Egypt. Certainly, Egyptian symbolism has inspired Tarot
designers for hundreds of years, and today decks use “conventional” Tarot imagery whose roots are
undeniably Egyptian.
In this beautiful reworking of the Tarot has come full circle, returning to the land of its ancestors.

The accompanying book gives one of the fullest yet most concise histories of the Tarot ever written,
instructions on how to use the 78 cards and background information about the characters and scenes
depicted on each.

Following the arrangement of “traditional” Tarots, The Ancient Egyptian Tarot is compatible with most
standard decks and instruction books making this is an ideal pack for anybody who wants to learn about Tarot
for the first time.

The blending of traditional Tarot lore with the very culture which inspired it also makes The Ancient Egyptian
Tarot a treat for Tarot enthusiasts and a classic of its time. The Ancient Egyptian Tarot returns the Tarot to
the land of its ancestors, reuniting traditional Egyptian symbolism and imagery which occur throughout all
Tarots with fully researched scenes depicting Ancient egyptian life and mythology.

The handbook explores the origins of the Tarot and the conventionally accepted view that it originated in
Egypt. It examines how Ancient Egyptian legends influenced the mythology and the religions of subsequent,
cultures around the World.

The main body of the book explains the meanings of each card and gives instructions on how to lay out and
read the cards. The Major Arcana's central theme is the Story of Osiris and his resurrection by the hands of
Isis whereas the Minor Arcana reflects the culture of the Ancient Egyptians based upon genuine wall paintings
and carvings from their tombs and temples. "   ~ Clive Barrett
The Tarot:   Susun’s  personal ‘essay’

The Tarot has opened many doors to me and has been a wonderful psychological tool.  The “I Ching” Masters
tell us that until we are ready to ask the question, there are no answers.  The Qabalah leads us to great
mysteries of Time, Light and Existence.  The Tarot has all the similarities of other Oracles and feels very
comfortable.  It’s really very easy if you want to take the time to learn the details about its ‘family’ members and
their relationships.  

Tarot can get you to the Truths of Truths, which is the Truth of your Heart.  It can be a powerful personal tool
when coupled with prayer and meditation.   It is a known fact that Mary Magdalene was a student and Priestess
of Oracles, used the Tarot, and taught these things to Jesus.   It is also well known that leaders of the time set
about to squelch anyone with more personal power than church leaders, and it was then, Tarot was labeled as
Heresy and Mary Magdalene was given a false label of prostitute.  

There are many researchers, revealing these Truths about Mary Magdalene, as she comes forward from the
shadows of Time.   I think time will tell, as these texts are finally published, that she was an incredibly strong and
religious woman, feared by powerful men around Jesus.   The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, revealing her true
importance, is said to have been excluded from the Bible by Peter (and the Roman Catholic Church) who denied
Christ and detested women, especially educated ones, seeing them as the gateway to the Devil, even denying
they had souls.  

The red cloaked priestesses, such as Mary Magdalene of early Judaeo-Christianity, the ‘Hierodulai’, became
defamed as harlots; whores or scarlet women, by end of the 6th century.   (She is often portrayed in a red cloak
over a green dress of fertility).  Jesus called her Apostle of the Apostles.  It is also known that the Marys (with
her brother and sister Lazarus and Martha), fled into exile in France, after they had supported Jesus during the
crucifixion and resurrection, arriving at Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, (Three Marys of the sea, Tres Matres)
Mary Magdalene  bearing the child of Jesus, his daughter Tamar.   Mary is said to have been the Gnostic wife of

And let it be noted, that Mary, the mother of Christ and the token woman in the Roman and Orthodox church,
was only permitted to be portrayed wearing blue (heaven) and white (purity), when in actuality she wore a red
dress and her mother, St Anne wore a red dress (love) and greeen cloak (rebirth).  Protestant religions ignored
her significance completely.

It still boggles my mind that ‘men of God’, started such rumors and lies, and that these untruths prevail even
today.   I get on my high horse here, about Mary, because the same untrue perceptions about the Tarot have
traveled here with the rest of the untruths.  There is nothing in the Tarot that could replace or harm Christian
beliefs.   On the contrary, the Tarot is truthful and loving and compliments any Spiritual quest.   It is simply a tool
for reflection, and can be used as a personal Oracle, to deepen our understanding of God’s work and Gifts.   

When one explores the wonderful nature of the cards, one can appreciate the god-like feeling you can obtain by
learning more about yourself.   It allows for contemplation and miracles.  The Tarot combines many ancient
‘sciences’ and symbolism of numerology, astrology and sacred geometry.   This is the core and when you
understand that, you then can begin your Mastery and Spiritualization of Matter.  Even though we take these
steps alone, we are all on the path together as comrades under one Life Force, a Universal and loving God.
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