My maternal artist grandmother told me when I was very young, that nature was "God's
paintbrush".   This statement amazed me.   I would think of everything I saw in terms of
something painted by the Etheric Master.   I found myself trying to experience and
understand that kind of creation, by painting things exactly as I saw them.    Trying my
hand later at trompe 'l'oeil (fool the eye), and faux finishes, afforded me a discipline and
appreciation of nature and it's intricacies.   

Granny was right; it's already been 'done' by The Master.   However, only when you pay
extreme attention to detail and really 'look' at something, can you actually 'see' it.
Faux "Pecky Pecan" Wood Grain
And Faux Door Knobs
Six pairs of elevator doors
2002    Broyhill Furniture, High Point, NC

Work in progress to left
Faux Flagstone
Interior Chimney
Jim and Cathy Barber
Greensboro  NC
Faux Marble "Bricks"
(was red brick)
Faux Wood Cabinets
Ellison Home   508 Country Club Dr
2000    Greensboro, NC
Trompe l'oeil Arbor
Ellison Home   508 Country Club Dr
2000    Greensboro, NC
Lattice and Sky Trompe l'oeil
2001    VanHoy Home
Roses with a ' J ' on Lattice
Painted over sink on Kitchen Soffit
2000    Rhonda and Michael Jobe
Greensboro, NC
Painted Bathroom Walls
Jim and Cathy Barber
Greensboro  NC  1999
Foyer Lattice With Clematis
'Tuscan'   Finish
Marble Columns and Bridge
Trompe l'oeil
Faux Finishes
by Susun Coleman Miller
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