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I hope you will explore my site and consider me for your artistic needs and projects.

It is a constant joy for me to paint subjects interested in their personal evolution
and appreciation of self.   I am happy to quote portraits and chat with you about your
personal artistic visions of family and self.

My focus outside of portraiture is the making a film called
Time Shift from a story I have
been writing since 1990.   
Time Shift combines many art forms and animation to fully
portray my vision of Time Travel, different Dimensional Beings and to show just what
thoughts can do.    I explore religions and the human experience with a Sci-Fi twist.

History will reflect our rapidly changing times with
Art; the timeless expression of
Love and States of Being.    
Susun is a phenomenal being.  Spirit always directs me to these transforming beings.  Just being in their
presence shifts your energy to a higher state of awareness.  Her gifts and talents far exceed the visual
realm.  Her aura portraits are unlike any I've ever seen.  They are true reflections of your energy field, your
present state of being.  Just looking at the finished product affirms your divinity.      
A session with Susun is truly healing, inspiring, informative, rewarding, and fun.

Daniel Wagner    
I contacted Susun and set up a photography session because I needed an interesting portrait for
the back jacket of my next mystery novel.   Little did I know what an empowering experience the
sitting would be, or how easy Susun would make it.   This is an experience every woman, young and
old, should have.   Susun's warmth and manner made the shoot a delight and her photographs are
simply amazing.   If you are considering doing it, DO IT!

Marianna Rich
Current: Susun Coleman Miller's
painting and photography series

The Venus Mirror
Sensual work about the Evolution of Women

Time  Shift
The Movie

Both projects reflecting
Essence ~ Time ~ And States of Being
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